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There's much to see here. So, take your time, ready with your camera or mobile phone to take high quality of your hand images for distance palm reading

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Distance Palmistry

As the technology is advancing human race is adopting the best use for our wellbeing to save time, money with proper communication with others in no time. 

Palm reading is now more advance to consult  your palm reader anywhere and any part of world. We do not to book to consult to palmist  in our area. We have now more choice to consult experts and positive palmists as and when required anywhere in the world for distant palm reading / distance palmistry.

an experience as face to face palm reading

I am doing distant palm reading for many years.  I have design and validate an image template (how to take hand print for palm reading) and best communication methods for distant palmistry consultation. That will give you the same feeling and personal satisfaction that you are personally consulting a palmist sitting in front of him for your reading at your own place in your time. I am doing distant palmistry consultation and maintain your privacy and confidentiality.

With my experience for distant palm reading, it will take some time and patience to take the hand images download and send to me. After this process,  that we have to fix suitable time and date as your country time zone converter to Melbourne, Australia by email. Once everything is setup for palm reading, I will open your hand image in my computer and we can communicate by phone/face time/ Skype as your prefer method of communication.

How to take hand images

What you need:

1. A digital camera, good quality mobile camera

2. A good light source or table lamp

4. A white  paper

3. Another person to help you to take your hand images (if possible)

High quality of hand images

If you are interested in a distant palm reading, please send me an email and I will send you step by step instructions on how to accurately take your hand images/photographs.

Following steps

1. Please remove your nail polish before taking the photos.

2. Try to take all hand images without  shadow in close-up/macro setting in camera.

3. Photos should be in JPG format.

4. Each photo must be good quality of photographs.

As soon as I receive your images, I will confirm that the quality of the images is good for palm reading. I can only do distant palm reading with good quality images. 

We will fix the time and date for reading as per country time Zone and send an invoice for palm reading.

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